Nightly News   |  September 07, 2013

Hundreds text Hoda Kotb after her number mistakenly appears on TV

It started off as a segment to showcase the new Samsung smart watch. It ended with Today Show host Hoda Kotb accidently revealing her cell phone number to the entire viewing audience. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> kathie lee gifford enjoy a personal, very loose style of broadcast, often sharing the details of their lives with their viewers. but this morning hoda shared something she wished that instant she could take back. they were demonstrating the new samsung watch phone which hoda called from her other phone and it promptly displayed her phone number . we're now able to show it all because it's been disconnected. but as soon as it aired this morning, panic set in and the calls started coming.

>> oh, it's happening!

>> oh, my god.

>> kathy?

>> i have 20 voice mails. 22. 23. oh! oh, my god.

>> i think it's funny.

>> they stopped counting after about 1,000 people got in touch with her. hoda told us tonight she's had that phone number for 15 years. her friends and family will be notified of her new number. the rest of her viewers will just have to wait until the next phone demonstration.