Nightly News   |  September 07, 2013

Parts of Damascus in ruins

Get an inside look at the Syrian capital, which showcases the scars of war. Bill Neely reports.

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>> state, members of congress and the american people debate whether to attack syria , the war there rages on. bill neely was in a hard-hit part of the capital damascus as the g-20 leaders met this week.

>> reporter: amid all the talk from world leaders , a call to prayer echoed through south damascus. but no one answered because there's no one left here. war has emptied this suburb of its people. no one's driving here now at any speed. a debate rages about missiles america might fire, the debris from thousands fired already is piled high. countless thousands died here. rebels and government troops fought this district to oblivion oblivion. president assad's army hold it's now, the victor's price is a ghost town . it seems a very long way from here to the g-20 gathering of leaders, none of whom has any military experience or any experience anything like this. it's a summit that won't solve syria 's crisis, won't end the war, and won't stop american missiles, weapons which won't stop the street battles here. syria 's immediate future seems very dark.