Nightly News   |  September 07, 2013

Hey future Olympians, it’s Tokyo in 2020

The Japanese city bested Madrid and Istanbul to win the honor of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

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>>> the international olympic committee about what city will host the 2020 summer games . the finalists, istanbul , madrid and tokyo . and the winner is --

>> the games of the 32nd olympiad in 2020 are awarded to the city of tokyo !

>> madrid was after a tie after the first round. that left two up for consideration.

>> tokyo , one of the fittest cities in the world.

>> reporter: japan recently had to defend itself over fresh concerns over safety at the devastated nuclear power plant of fukushima.

>> let me assure you that the situation is under control.

>> but tokyo 's financial and political stability have made it a more attractive option, as the ioc contends with fallout from its recent choices. anger over the russian government 's laws on gays that could impact the winter games this coming february. construction delays and social unrest in rio di gennaro, site of the 2016 summer games and the violence and unrest in syria, not far from istanbul , which itself was convulsed in protests earlier this year.

>> six months ago if you asked me who was going to win i would have told you istanbul . too many things went down, the riots. there have been doping scandals.

>> tokyo is the face of japan . you really had no choice but to go to tokyo .

>> congratulations, tokyo !

>> a choice that has given japan something to celebrate. the last time tokyo was the host of the olympics was in 1964 .