Nightly News   |  September 07, 2013

Man's online confession: I killed a man while drunk driving

One man created an online video to let the world know he killed a man while drunk driving. But, the victim’s daughter says he’s no hero. He's just looking for a lighter sentence. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> in ohio the family of a man who was killed by a drunk driver is speaking out tonight after an unusual confession. this week a young man admitted he was responsible for the accident and posted his confession on video. that story from nbc's mike taibbi .

>> reporter: he starts out obscuring his image or fading to black, even as his words are unmistakable.

>> i killed a man.

>> reporter: but then full face on camera.

>> my name is matthew cordle, and on june 22, 2013 , i hit and killed vincent canzani.

>> reporter: 61-year-old vincent canzani was a navy vet, photographer and father of two when cordle's pickup truck speeding into oncoming traffic slammed into his jeep. in cordle's three-minute confession tape, he said he had been bar hopping , drinking heavily and had blacked out behind the wheel. and now?

>> when i'm charged, i'll plead guilty and take full responsible for everything i've done to vincent and his family.

>> reporter: but canzani's daughter angela told nbc news cordle is no hero. he took too long to say anything. and friends say a good man died sensele senselessly.

>> he was just a really nice guy. he would do anything for anybody.

>> reporter: cordle's confession did matter to the prosecutor.

>> in this day and age, it's both unusual and refreshing that someone is stepping up to the plate and saying i did it.

>> reporter: a guilty plea could mean as much as eight years in prison, an indictment possible as soon as monday with a confession tape the last piece of evidence. it was a tape cordle ended with words of advice.

>> don't say it's only a few miles or you've only had a few beers or you do it all the time, it will never happen to you. because it happened to me. i'm begging you please don't drink and drive.

>> reporter: but his victim's daughter said, if he wanted to raise awareness, i would have commended him for that down the roadment but the video is totally misleading, the motive i believe is so he'll get a lighter sentence. the human trauma tragic version in a digital age.