Nightly News   |  September 07, 2013

Burglar breaks into Buckingham Palace

A man scaled the fence at Buckingham Palace and made his way to a public part of the residence before authorities captured him. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> at scotland yard are warnd ewondering how it has happened yet again. an intruder was able to get into buckingham palace earlier this week apparently intending to steal some of the treasures in the queen's residence. at one point in the investigation, a tense moment apparently for the king's son prince andrew . nbc's duncan goal stauny has more.

>> reporter: it is one of the most iconic buildings in london and perhaps the world. millions of people visit buckingham palace each year on official tours and at the famous royal garden parties . but late monday night it was an auninvited guest who scaled the fence and reached a state room which houses many priceless works of art . the unidentified man was arrested in this public part of the palace, the royal family 's private royal apartments are in the next wing. another man was arrested outside. the queen is still on vacation in scotland and was not in the palace on monday night. today she was enjoying the high land games far from this latest security scare. this is the most serious break-in in more than 30 years. the last time someone got inside the palace was 1982 when the queen awoke to find a man inside her bedroom. it is said michael fagan sat on the queen's bed talking to her before she was able to raise the alarm. and in 2004 , a protester dressed as batman was able to reach a palace balcony. london's metropolitan police say a review is being carried out after this latest breach, but one former royal bodyguard says it's unlikely the queen will allow more security.

>> they have to police within the contents and wishes of her majesty herself who doesn't want to be imprisons in her own house.

>> reporter: but britain's newspaper reports offices are anxious saying two days later guns pointed at prince andrew mistaken as an intruder. no word from the royal family . for the queen, business as usual .