Nightly News   |  September 08, 2013

Syrian gas attack victims tell their story

Syrian victims offer stirring description of the events and the aftermath. Bill Neely reports.

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>>> we've seen the disturbing images from the chemical attack . tonight we're learning more about what it was like on that day in the suburbs of damascus , one of the towns was to the east of damascus where eye witnesses are now speaking out about the attack. bill neily filed this report from inside syria .

>> reporter: the air has cleared now, but the memories have not. of the poison gas that filled this house, and an attack america is proposing to avenge. right here, this is the center, he said. everyone within 50 yards was killed, no one got away. this is zamalca's ground zero . america blames syria 's army and tomorrow its debate begins. here, there's no debate. i lost 30, 31 people close to me, my older brother, my cousin, his wife, their kids, one rocket hit us. at 2:00 a.m . their air was poisoned, now their water is scarce, they get it from a pipe. people are fewer, too. the chemical attack terrified them. this area had around 3,000 people, he says, now it's about 20 families. 200. everyone just scattered. food is scarce, too. rice, smuggled in, is shared out. zamalka is still under siege by a syrian army , that many say just lost patience with rebels who have held it for a year. the children still play. after an attack america says killed more than 400 children alone. an attack syria blames on rebels. the chemical bomb dropped just behind me here, he says, my dad and my grandparents died. there's just me, my sister and my mom now. some survivors gave evidence to u.n. inspectors. they are still analyzing chemical samples. no one disputes hundreds died here. but the crime remains unanswered. the killers, whoever they were, unpunished. bill nealy, damascus .