Nightly News   |  September 09, 2013

Rodman says he’ll coach North Korea’s Olympic basketball team

Dennis Rodman just returned from his second trip to North Korea and says he plans to go again. The former baller says he’ll coach the country’s basketball team in the Olympics. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> dennis rodman is once again in the unlikely position of relaying information about the head of north korea to the rest of the free world . he's just back from his second trip to finish kim jong -un and says he's going back again to coach their olympic basketball team. it is through rodman that the world found out yesterday kim jong -un is the father of an infant daughter. to hear rodman tell it, the north korean president yearns for contact with the american president . rodman says he's trying to facilitate a dialogue here.

>> it's about doing my thing, trying to open obama's and everyone's mind. guess what, you don't have to talk about politics. talk about anything in the world. meet him in switzerland. meet him in london. meet him in ireland. meet him or just give him a call. that's all he wants.

>> dennis rodman today said kim jong -un is a man who has a job to do but he called him, quote, a good guy.