Nightly News   |  September 11, 2013

A victory for gun rights advocates in Colorado

In recall elections forced by 2nd amendment advocates, voters in Colorado ousted two Democrat lawmakers who backed gun control measures. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> back in this country, the fight over guns has taken a dramatic turn in the state of colorado which enacted new gun laws after the newtown tragedy, after mass shootings in colorado at aurora and columbine before that. last night, however, in recall elections there, voters forced out two lawmakers who backed the gun laws . a victory for gun rights advocates that could make other states think twice before enacting similar new laws. our report tonight from nbc's mike taibbi .

>> reporter: it was gun control that lost. two democratic state senators losing to gun rights advocates including retired police chief george rivera.

>> coloradans are jealous of their second amendment rights. they don't want them infringed upon.

>> reporter: in the after math of the aurora theater shootings and the gun massacre in newtown, connecticut, extended background checks were required and limbs on munitions clips. but groups forced the first recall elections in a century.

>> coloradans, the nation should be able to keep their guns.

>> reporter: and with backing from the nra turned politics in a state trending blue upside down.

>> passing gun control legislation can be dangerous for your political career.

>> reporter: the results in colorado show the power of gun right s proponents. colorado 's governor said today, we are certainly disappointed by the outcome. so, too, were the parents of aurora victim jessica.

>> we cannot allow special interests to take over democracy.

>> you are not judge bid how you got knocked down but rather by how you got back up.

>> reporter: the nra said today colorado voters sent a clear message that their second amendment rights are t not for sale. a message surely heard beyond the state's borders. mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .