Nightly News   |  September 11, 2013

Will the rest of hurricane season remain this quiet?

Had Humberto been upgraded to a hurricane a mere three hours later, it would have been the latest we’ve ever gone in a hurricane season without a storm. NBC’s Al Roker on what the rest of the season has in store for us.

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>>> we take our share of lumps around here for covering severe weather with gusto. storm coverage this time of year is a television news staple, we admit it. it usually means watching reporters getting tossed around in hurricanes. but if this storm season has seemed different, that's because it has been. a remarkably kwie t t and peaceful hurricane season thus far. early this morning hurricane humberto was officially named. had it happened three hours later it would have been the latest we have ever gone in a hurricane season without a storm. while it's not expected to bring us any danger, will the rest of the season behave just like? as you may have seen, al roker is with us in studio tonight. what a tricky business at forecasting it is.

>> i'll tell you, brian. it's like the old saying goes. prior performance does not predict future earnings. that's what we are look hing at here. we have humberto. it will be a fish storm. it's going into the atlantic, no big problems. right now it has winds at 85 miles per hour. we have remnants of gabrielle moving away from bermuda. we are watching an area in the yucatan peninsula . there is another area to the west of cape verde islands . that won't do much. what we are concerned about, we are basically at halftime now in the hurricane season . so even though we have only had eight named storms that doesn't mean we're not going to see more.

>> all right. al roker with an unsure prediction because it is an uncertain business.

>> that's right.

>> as wego to the third and fourth quarter of hurricane season .