Nightly News   |  September 13, 2013

U.N. report on Syrian chemical attack set for release

What impact will the findings have on the current talks between the U.S. and Russia? NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> turning overseas now, we continue to follow the syria story. president obama made it clear today any agreement on chemical weapons must be verifiable as the u.s. and russia continue their work on this plan to re move those weapons from syria somehow. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is in geneva for us again. good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. after two days of talks, some of it tense and lasting until midnight just before we came tonight, officials claimed progress. specifically, they have narrowed differences over the amount of chemical weapons that assad has in his stockpiles. headed over here on the plane a top official said that would be a credit i call test of whether the russians were serious. it's important they agree on how much there is and where it is before inspectors can collect and destroy it. the president said again today that any agreement has to be verifiable and enforceable. but the administration knows the russians will veto any u.n. resolution that threatens force. officials say there are other ways the u.n. can punish assad , and they point out the president is not taking his military option off the table. kerry and lavrov are expected to agree on a shorter timeline for u.n. action on assad 's chemicals. weeks not months as assad has been demanding. on monday the u.n. inspectors report back on the chemical massacre with circumstantial evidence, i'm told, but no hard proof tying it to the regime. brian?

>> as they say, the whole world is watching. andrea mitchell in geneva again for us. still ahead for us this