Nightly News   |  September 14, 2013

Families reunite in Colorado flood’s wake

The disaster continues, but some have found a way back to their families despite the ravaged region’s floods. NBC’s Leanne Gregg reports.

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>> reporter: this is lee anne gregg in colorado. a joyful are reunion today. parents and children re united in louisville. 85 5th graders trapped by flooding while on a school field trip near jamestown were finally air lifted to safety.

>> parts of it were scary and the trails were basically rivers.

>> every time you watch the news it's hard not to burst into tears.

>> reporter: while 15 miles away at an evacuation center in longmont, more reunions. thomas and debra casey and their dog airlifted from home after a helicopter crew saw their signal for help.

>> we painted s.o.s. on the driveway. not an hour later.

>> reporter: in boulder, laura and marty were awakened by crashing mud against their home. they heard a car horn outside. they looked and saw a vehicle swept away with four teenagers inside. sadly, two were among those killed. katie holm ko hours later, laura, expecting her first baby went into labor.

>> started feeling contractions and thought, oh, no, i'm not going into labor. this is not the right time.

>> reporter: with no way out emergency crews arrived and transported her to a hospital. baby ingrid was born shortly aft after. back in louisville and across the region families are grateful just to be together.

>> we'll let them get away with more today. [ cheers ]

>> reporter: the kids on the trip designed to help practice teamwork got the ultimate lesson. rescuers hope for more successful outcomes like this in the coming