Nightly News   |  September 14, 2013

Damascus reeling from U.S., Russia’s speedy deal

Syrian rebels say they’re unhappy with the deal because the move leaves President Bashar al-Assad unpunished. Bill Neely reports.

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>> at how the agreement is playing out in syria where the clock is now ticking on the assad regime and where the war goes on. bill neeley is in damascus for us tonight.

>> reporter: damascus is reeling from the speed of the deal and events. remember, not long ago this city faced american air strikes . no one here is completely happy with the deal. on the government side, people ai talked to clearly prefer it to air strikes but find the timetable very tight. president assad wanted 30 days to list his chemical weapons . he's been given seven. the clock is ticking. no official reaction from the president or his government yet. remember, he did say, i want to get rid of chemical weapons . but that's the key question. does anyone trust him? on the rebel side, they don't like this deal at all. the opposition leader says he reejects it. he says the russians and syrians are playing games to waste time for a criminal regime. he's pledged that rebel fighters will keep up this war. it goes on behind me tonight with the syrian army uh continuing to shell rebel -- held suburbs. opposition people say dozens of citizens have been killed in the last 24 hours and the battle in the christian town of melula goes on. so a deal is done, but the war goes