Nightly News   |  September 16, 2013

Raising wrecked cruise ship takes longer than expected

Salvage crews have raised the Costa Concordia off Italy’s coast at the rate of 10 feet per hour. Even though the process is slow, engineers say it is working. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> back now with the effort under way off the coast of italy. we have a live picture of the shipwrecked " costa concordia ." it's still there right where it slammed into a reef over a year and a half ago, capsizing, leaving 32 dead. now engineers are trying to get it righted and get it out of there. our report tonight from nbc's michelle kosinski .

>> reporter: the movement is virtually imperceptible, even in time lapse. ten feet an hour. but the significance here is enormous. this is actually working, engineers say, exactly as planned, down to the millimeter. and the internal structure is staying intact?

>> yeah. this is also a reason of satisfaction for us because the vessel is rotating in a uniform way as a solid body. and so this is good news for the future.

>> reporter: reveal ing the blue and yellow tiles of the swimming pool, the glass domed atrium where the movie theater once oneself was. nothing on this scale has ever been done before. through the night the concordia will be rolled up right. more boxes attached to the side i on the reef so it can float. there was an hour-long halt this afternoon when a few slack end s of the cables pulling the wreck got in the way of others. trained climbers boarded to move them away. for survivors like luciano costro whose lifeboat barely made it down. getting rid of the stupidity as he h calls it is a relief. many feel for the victims including a ship's waiter who helped passenger s escape, giving away his own life jacket .

>> i hope they find something to give him a decent burial. that's what me, my family, his wife and all of us are hoping for.

>> reporter: high hopes on this tiny island. michelle kosinski , italy.