Nightly News   |  September 16, 2013

Neighbors band together in Colorado disaster

Flooding has devastated their homes, but the damage hasn’t dampened residents’ human spirit. One food truck chef is making a difference by providing food to flood victims.  NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> tonight our making a difference report comes from the flood zone in colorado . it's about the people who put their lives on hold to help those whose lives have been torn apart by this unstoppable water. joe fryer has the story.

>> reporter: the worst enemy for a restaurant on wheels just might be a flooded street.

>> i have lived here my whole life. i have never seen anything like this.

>> reporter: the rolling greens food truck couldn't roll through much of boulder last week. rain dried up all of oh chef ryan cunningham 's business. he's giving away food for free.

>> i decided, i love cheffing. that's what i do every day. might as well continue. people are in need, instead of making money .

>> reporter: for the past few days cunningham and his fiancee have driven the truck wherever nature allows delivering food to flood victims like suzanne duvall.

>> we just love you.

>> reporter: she's already overwhelmed by support by friends who spent the day cleaning out her flooded home.

>> mostly tears of, wow, i can't believe people are help hing us. they're so gracious.

>> reporter: cheryl trunko has reason to help. hurricane sandy hit her home last year in jersey.

>> people helped my flooded house. i wasn't able to help out. i figured i would pay it forward a little bit and help out today.

>> reporter: this is good karma in action.

>> we make food. we're trying to do what we do for people who need it now.

>> reporter: and those receiving the help won't forget.

>> we could not do this without help.

>> reporter: that's what it takes to keep a community rolling. joe fryer, nbc news, boulder, colorado .

>> because so many of you asked us how to help the victims and families in colorado , we put that information on our website tonight.