Nightly News   |  September 17, 2013

Inside the flooded Colorado town where roads have vanished

In Jamestown, Colo., roads have become impassable and hiking is now the only way in.  A third of the town is gone, swallowed by the creek that divides it. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> this is miguel almaguer, from boulder to jamestown , the commute used to take 20 minutes , now three hours, today, it is nearly gone. this road is just completely washed out, almost. in the thin mountain air , the only way in is to hike. this road actually goes into jamestown . it is a complete disaster. jamestown has been washed away. a third of it gone. what is left is eerily quiet, except for that loud roar, the james creek cuts this town in half. what it didn't swallow, it now divides.

>> it is the same, from the beginning to town to the end of town, just devastated.

>> reporter: the mayor, one of 40 who stayed behind showed us main street. now a quarter mile of debris.

>> it is unreal, you see it happen in other communities. and you don't ever think it is going to happen to yours.

>> reporter: anne braylor will never forget this slide. the slide took this man's life. this man says the national guard saved him. he was one of 250 air-lifted to safety. now, he is back to stay.

>> there is nothing that could drive me from this area, i love it up here.

>> reporter: tonight, jamestown , like many other communities, has been brought to its knees.

>> we'll be okay.

>> reporter: a town that promises to rise again. miguel almaguer, nbc news, jamestown , colorado.