Nightly News   |  September 18, 2013

Stocks soar as Fed prolongs stimulus

It’s not necessarily good news that the Federal Reserve wants to keep the economic stimulus, because it means the American economy is no doing well enough to be left alone. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> the economic news today sent the stock market soaring but it wasn't necessarily good news for everybody in the rest of the country. the long and short h of it is this. the american economy is not doing well enough to be left alone. after first saying the recovery was gaining strength, the head of the federal reserve , ben bernanke today decided to keep going with economic stimulus to try to encourage job and economic growth . both the dow and s&p closed at record highs as a result. good news for anybody with a 401(k). mortgage rates are expected to drop but the fed believes the american economy still need s a continuing infusion of $85 billion a month. there are growing concern that is a potential government shut-down in washington will h do more damage.