Nightly News   |  September 18, 2013

Husband still missing in flooded Colorado after searching for wife

A family is holding out hope that Gerry Boland is still alive after his truck was discovered overturned in a river near their home. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> back in this country, in colorado, the history-making flood waters there have started to recede, revealing the full scope of the devastation beneath. the cleanup now begins. for tens of thousands of families. at the same time remember almost 200 people are still officially listed as missing, including a husband and father who set out in search of his wife as the flood waters came up and sadly never came home. nbc's kate snow has that story tonight from boulder.

>> reporter: the bowlen siblings have been waiting. their parents lived in hard hit lion.

>> the speaker came up the canyon saying you need to evacuate immediately.

>> reporter: they left in separate vehicles. when sharon saw flooded roads she pulled over.

>> i thought he was right behind me .

>> reporter: instead jerry headed to a shelter at the elementary school where he taught for 30 years. bonnie newman was there.

>> i saw jerry there. i said, where is sharon? he said, i'm looking for her. have you seen her?

>> reporter: jerry left sometime after that and hasn't been seen since.

>> he was safe. why would he leave?

>> i guess he wanted to see if i went home.

>> i think it's a love story . he was safe and sound. they're both just so brave. they're so brave.

>> reporter: they had to get to each other.

>> they looked for each other.

>> you went back looking for him?

>> i started to. then i had to be rescued at the other edge of town.

>> no, there is a person in there.

>> reporter: when her car flooded rescuers sent in the only vehicle that could get through.

>> they got out in wetsuits, put a life jacket on me, sat me on the seat with the mud and away we went.

>> we saw the footage a million times on thursday. we had no idea it was our mom.

>> reporter: in a small community like lyons everyone knows the former football coach and teacher. everyone is searching.

>> my brothers, aunts and uncles.

>> you never forget what he taught you.

>> he was that kind of guy.

>> reporter: that's what his family is celebrating now.

>> everybody that had him in school is out looking for him. i thank everybody so much.

>> we are just swollen with pride for him. i just can't say enough about how pride i am to be his daughter and how proud i am that he did all the right things in the end.

>> reporter: today jerry's son-in-law and grandson were able to get behind this roadblock up into the canyon to look for more clues. so far, the only thing they have found is his overturned pickup truck in the river downhill from his house. they know that's not a great sign, brian, but they are clinging to hope.

>> what a desperate story going on so many days now. we grieve for the families who suffered the ultimate loss. kate snow with us from boulder, colorado.