Nightly News   |  September 19, 2013

Crocodiles roam the streets in flooded Acapulco

Heavy rain from two tropical storms has brought some of the worst flooding Mexico has seen in years. Hundreds are missing and at least 80 have died. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> an increasingly desperate situation in acapulco , mexico . a storm knocked out power, trapped tens of thousands of tourists. the u.s. embassy in mexico city has no hard numbers on how many americans are in acapulco there are reports hundreds of u.s. tourists are stranded. we get our report tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: mexico is drowning after a double blow. two tropical storms slammed into opposite coasts. torrential rain for days caused the worst flooding in years. facing danger residents used every means necessary to get to safety -- from jet skis to zip lines, parents carrying children. 80 have died and hundreds are missing. acapulco was hit the worst. when the water s rose the vacation hot spot was cut off.

>> the main highway, the only highway from acapulco to mexico city and the rest of the country has been destroyed by landslides.

>> reporter: the acapulco airport is submerged. the international ticket counter abandoned in waist- deep water . even dry land can be dangerous. multiple angry displaced crocodiles have been caught roaming the streets. tens of thousands of tourists are still stranded. military planes shuttle people out but flights are infrequent. some wait hours, hoping to get a seat. this british school teacher was lucky.

>> everything was wet and damp. it just rained and rained. the amount of debris that washed up on the beach -- palm trees, objects, a dead horse , a dead armadillo.

>> reporter: supplies are running low. food, fresh water and medicine is only trickling in and looting has begun. to the east this the hills the danger isn't rising water. it's mud slides. entire hillsides collapsed. more than 50 people are missing in one rural town alone. even for the rainy season this string of tropical storms took mexico by surprise. a vacation paradise now reeling from