Nightly News   |  September 20, 2013

Scuffles over Apple’s iPhone 5s

There were long lines Friday to grab the latest phone from Apple – good news for the company after a mixed reaction to its latest update. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> what this says about our country these days, but if you want americans to line up in great numbers, just come out with a new phone. the new iphone came out today. it's not all new, just updated. while apple is fighting for market share against surging samsung, the true believers spent the day in line across the country. katie t thur is in manhattan this evening.

>> reporter: the lines are gone because they are sold out. as of 8:00 a.m . 1400 people were waiting in line, double the amount of last year which is surprising considering the phone isn't much different. there are new colors and a fing fingersprint scanner which is raising privacy concerns. one group is offering $50,000 to the first person who can hack into it. long lines across the country means good news for apple. bad news is that there was drama. this photo shows an arrest outside of a pasadena store where a fight broke out. apple ended on a high note which makes blackberry news sadder. it announced this afternoon it would lay off 4500 employees or 40% of the global workforce. it seems unfortunately people do not appreciate buttons or keyboards anymore.

>> katie tur in midtown manhattan