Nightly News   |  September 20, 2013

Faithful flock to Bible app

With more than 100 million downloads, the YouVersion Bible app is being used by parishioners and churches who like the convenience of a Bible-to-go on their phones and tablets.  NBC’s Chelsea Clinton reports.

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>>> from the world of religion, proof tonight that portability and popularity may be linked. they call the bible the good book. it always has been un util now. now it's an app and a lot of people are finding what they are look for on their mobile device instead. as part of our series, "the big idea " we get more from nbc's chelsea clinton .

>> what's going on, everybody?

>> reporter: when caesar delivers a sermon these days, this is a common sight. his youth congregation is following along on digital bibles, thanks to the wildly popular bible app u-version.

>> wow, they do get it. they are digging into god's word in a digital form.

>> it's nice to have it on your phone.

>> i can dig into god's word whenever i want to.

>> i can flip open the app and select the book i was looking for.

>> reporter: it's been downloaded more than a hundred million times putting it in the same league as twitter and instagram. bobby is the pastor at lifechurch in oklahoma.

>> i was thinking could we be at a moment in history where the right opportunity is there to really change how this general radiation engages in the bible. sort of a guttenberg moment.

>> reporter: the app offers 600 versions of the bible in more than 400 languages. it comes with personalized reading plans, video s and the ability to share favorite verses on social media .

>> this shows the app in real time . this is happening while we are talking. the pins are dropping where people are opening the app.

>> reporter: youversion is a nonprofit supported by tens of millions of dollars from donors who recognize the impact it has on the next generation.

>> you're going to college next year.

>> yes.

>> reporter: will the bible app go with you?

>> of course. i have it on my ipad and my phone. it's become so personal. it brought christianity to a higher level that the bible couldn't do on its own.

>> we're going to ask god to bless tonight and what we are doing here.

>> reporter: on any given sunday expect more souls illuminated by faith and their chelsea clinton , nbc news.