Nightly News   |  September 23, 2013

Terrified people ‘running for their lives’ at Kenya mall

Prize-winning New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks described what he saw in the mall where so many innocent people were killed. “I could see how tense everyone was,” Hicks said, describing the extreme care with which police entered the building where “everywhere you looked you would see another body.”

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>> the most harrowing images of the attack seen by the outside world came from the "new york times" photographer tyler hicks who lives in nairobi. he ran to the scene, slipped inside with responding police officers , documenting everything he saw with his camera along the way. today he spoke with us about what he saw inside.

>> once i got inside the mall i could see how tense everyone was. the army and police, how carefully they were moving, dashing across open areas, taking extreme care with their cover. it seemed like anywhere you looked there would be another body. people were still hiding in shops. as the police and the army were moving through, they would either discover people or they would sense help had arrived and they would flood out oh. you would get moments of silence and moments of big streams of people they were trying to get out as quickly as possible. everywhere we went, more people came out of the woodwork. in one sense it seemed abandoned. the music that plays in the shopping mall was still playing on the intercom. it was this eerie silence with music interrupted occasionally by gunfire. terrified people were crying, screaming, running for their lives. i never thought i would encounter this kind of tragedy in a public place like this where completely innocent civilians were just gunned down and murdered. it is not like a conventional war where you would expect combatants to get hurt or expect there to be collateral damage in those situations. this is just a suicide mission and murder.

>> prize-winning "new york times" photographer tyler hicks in his own words for us tonight. this