Nightly News   |  September 24, 2013

When processed foods become ‘healthier’

Burger King recently unveiled fries with less fat and calories that were 10 years in the making. It’s something food labs are doing with a variety of foods, in an attempt to preserve flavor while eliminating excess salt, fats or sugars. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> back now with a big headline from the fast food industry, specifically the folks at burger king , showing a new menu they say took ten years for them to perfect. low fat french fries that cost a little bit more. it is part of an industry-wide push to make what we want to eat a little bit better for us. a report from our katy tur.

>> reporter: you may be able to say yes now with less guilt. they're salacalled satis-fries because they have 27% less fries and are supposedly just as satisfying. they have 70 calories less than the regular ones, same potato fried in the same oil, yet healthier, how? burger king says it is the special batter.

>> the batter absorbs the amount of fat, specifically reducing the calories.

>> reporter: this has been ten years in the making, the kind of thing this food lab tries to do every day, trying to make fast food healthier, tricking the palate, while making it healthier.

>> you can put a very small amount of a natural bacon flavor into a food product , and the consumer will believe it is saltier.

>> reporter: today, with things like chips and vegan delights line the shelves. some say the health food situation is excluding the masses, who like their fast food .

>> what most people are saying is try to eat more vegetables, fresh food, farm foods. the fact of the matter is many people are not able to afford it, they can't access it, and just don't want those foods.

>> reporter: one expert degrees. no fried potato will be a healthy choice, but you can make it lower in fat and healthier. it is a better option.

>> reporter: so how does it taste? maybe, just maybe, you can have your cake/fries and eat them, too. katy tur.