Nightly News   |  September 26, 2013

Dr. Nancy answers your questions

NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman helps demystify the Affordable Care Act by answering viewers’ questions.

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>>> the president acknowledged today there will be glitches in his words as the health care law is rolled out and people have to sign up. there is already a delay. the administration told hispanic groups the spanish version of the website to sign up is not yet yet ready and will be delayed a further few weeks. with just a few days until the open en rollment starts for the new health care exchanges, americans still have a lot of questions about what's in this law, what to, expect from it. we heard from a number of you after asking for your questions. dr. nancy snyderman is here with answers.

>> hi, brian.

>> starting next year, everyone will be required to get health insurance or they will face a fine. tom gorney on facebook asked us how much is the penalty.

>> this is one of the most confusing parts, the economics of it all. it breaks down like this. for an individual the fee is a min mon minimum is $95 or 1% of income, whichever is higher. the family penalty is $285 or 1% of adjusted family income . that's for 2014 . in 2016 , the penalty for an individual is $695 or for a family, $2,085. there is an income jump again, 2.5% of adjusted income. in either scenario whichever is higher, that's what you are going to be expected to pay.

>> next question comes to us via facebook from sin thcynthia scott. can you tell us if pre-existing conditions will have an effect on cost.

>> it will be against the law to deny coverage based on a pre-existing condition. like diabetes, heart disease , cancer. a preexisting condition will not affect the cost of your monthly premium and you can go shopping like everyone else and choose from the same plans that are available in your state.

>> finally, cheryl smith asking -- wants to know where to sign up.

>> easy. go to health care .gov, fill out an application. there is an 800 number available 24/7. find out more on, our website.

>> and health care .com will be, i think, the most important place to go.

>> we are just getting started. nancy, thank you.

>> okay.

>> to our viewers, keep sending questions. we'll continue to answer them. go to facebook , go to our wednesday. we are open 24/7 with a doctor on staff. not everybody can stay that. we are back in a moment with surprising revelations tonight about what america