Nightly News   |  September 27, 2013

Curry: Phone call a ‘sign of respect’

The phone conversation between the U.S. and Iran could change their relationship. NBC’s Ann Curry break down what this really could mean

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>> our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is here, also nbc's ann curry who interviewed the iranian president in tehran last week, the first interview he had granted to a western journalist. ann, there were seeds and signs of this in your conversation with him and what are you hearing about what transpired today tonight ?

>> in fact, what we're hearing is that this is the sign of respect that president rouhani has been talking to us about when we were in iran talking, a sign of respect that he has been wanting for iran , that iran 's been wanting. this is the biggest sign of respect that this country has gotten in 34 years from the united states . and president rouhani has said without respect, there is no relationship and there is no nuclear deal. it is essentially a formal recognition by the united states of a president -- of a country that the u.s. has no diplomatic relationship with. and it is much more important to the iranians than a handshake, because this conversation, we understand, lasted ten minutes, maybe even a few minutes more. it did talk about the nuclear topic. and so for the people at home in iran , it is a strong sign that now there is an actual discussion, that there's a movement into something they've been wanting.