Nightly News   |  September 27, 2013

Can the government avoid a shutdown?

Some republicans are worried about the political fallout from the fight over health care and the debt ceiling. NBC’s David Gregory reports.

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>>> the other issue the president addressed this afternoon in the briefing room appearance is this looming government showdown. we also heard from one of his most outspoken opponents today, texas senator ted cruz . now, three days until the deadline, both sides continue to blame the other, digging in their heels in the fight over funding the health care law .

>> so over the next three days house republicans will have to decide whether to yoin the senate and keep the government open or shut it down. i realize that a lot of what's taking place right now is political grandstanding, but this grandstanding has real effects on real people .

>> the house of representatives last week showed remarkable courage standing up and fighting to defund obamacare. the house of representatives listened to the american people . and i am hopeful, i am confident that the house will continue to stand its ground.

>> so a lot like we said here last night and the night before, here we go again. can anything save our government from itself? at this point let's bring in david gregory , moderator of "meet the press" in our d.c. news room. that's the question for u david.

>> i've been talking to republican, brian, on capitol hill , people close to speaker boehner who are asking the same question. what's likely now is that the house will kick it back over to the senate till we get closer and closer to a shutdown. you have a relatively small group of legislators. tea party conservatives in the house who don't want to give up on this obamacare defunding fight. ted cruz , he's just mentioned, has been personally calling members of the house, getting them energized about this saying let's stand our ground and keep this going. you have a lot of republicans who are worried about the political fallout falling all on them. and yes, this is even before we get to the debt limit fight which the president addressed today as well.

>> our government at work, here we go. david gregory , thanks. we should tell you as all of this plays out through the weekend, senator ted cruz will join david exclusively on "meet the press" sunday morning on this very nbc station.