Nightly News   |  September 27, 2013

Mitchell: This could be breakthrough on Syria

The interaction between the U.S. and Iran could affect Syria. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> dangerous neighborhood of the world. it's tempting for peace loving people to get excited about all this but can we trust the guy?

>> there was a lot of conversation about the mutual distrust. they acknowledge it in their conversation, we're told. we were briefed by the white house on this today. they did, as chuck said, brief the israelis, they also had a talk with the saudis and others in the gulf who are enemies of iran and suspicious of iran . but the real payoff here could be if they can prove verifiably and transparentally that they are not developing a bomb. just a year ago when netanyahu was here he was talking about a six-month window before military action would be taken. now there is really the prospect if they can prove that we can trust them and it will be u.n. inspectors who have to prove that. the other piece is that could be a breakthrough on syria because they are holding up the prospect that iran could join peace talks. iran has 10,000 hezbollah fighters on the ground supporting the assad regime and weaponizing them. that could be a breakthrough to end that civil war .

>> thank you both.

>>> the other issue the president addressed this afternoon in the briefing room appearance is this looming government showdown. we also heard from one of his