Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

How a government shutdown would affect you

Forget visiting any national parks because they would close. But, you still could send mail because the postal service would continue functioning during a government shutdown. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> reporter: tour boats loaded with visitors to the statute of liberty and ellis island today. but come tuesday, lady liberty and national parks coast-to-coast will close if the government shuts down.

>> the fact that the statute of liberty could be held hostage, is appalling to me.

>> reporter: the smithsonian will also close, long with yosemite, mountain rushmore. the leisure destinations that are the bread and butter to surrounding businesses.

>> if that happened, it would shut us down. we come out here doing ligake tests.

>> reporter: the last time the government shut down was in the mid-'90s for three weeks.

>> we have employees that have families to take care of, bills to pay. we are very concerned about the -- about the effect on them for any sort of shutdown.

>> reporter: the impact to national parks visitors is just the start of a ripple effect . an estimated 800,000 civilian workers will be furloughed. government back home loans will be delayed. and if the shutdown drags on to october 17th , the stakes grow even higher.

>> if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling and the u.s. treasury can't meet its obligations, that could raise interest rates , credit card rates and plunge the economy back into recession.

>> reporter: there are still some programs that will remain untouched if the government shuts down. including mail service delivery , funding for social security and also air traffic controllers and screeners at airport.