Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

What’s the fallout of a government shutdown?

The government is headed toward a shutdown. Will one side blink first?  NBC’s Chuck Todd reports on how this drama likely will play out.

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>> reporter: a meeting of his senior staff earlier today. they talked about the government shutdown but also don't forget, tuesday is the day of open enrollment for the president's signature health care law . all of that coming together. but what's tomorrow going to look like? well, the senate will do its deal sometime tomorrow afternoon. send a bill back to the house. and at that point, sometime between i'd say dinner time tomorrow night and midnight, the house of representatives is likely to send back one more bill. maybe it's a clean bill with no riders or anything like that that would keep the government open for say a week or maybe it only has one demand on it. but this isn't over yet. it's likely to see one more account to this play before the government does shut down.