Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

Yarnell fire report points no fingers, leaves unanswered questions

Investigators release a 120-page report on the Arizona Yarnell Hill fire that killed 19 firefighters. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> in arizona investigators released a 120 page report that leaves almost as many questions as answers about why 19 firefighters died in the yarnell hill fire . it was the worst firefighting tragedy since nine seven. he with covered the story tonight.

>> i can feel it, you know.

>> reporter: these radio transmissions are believed to be some of the final communications from the grand the mountain hotshots. shortly after this video was taken, 19 firefighters lost their lives in arizona. investigators now believe that poorly programmed radios made communication a major problem. just before flames swept over the hotshots, there was a 33 minute radio blackout.

>> nothing will bring them home.

>> julian as craft and their four children lost andrew.

>> that being my husband and a loved one, i'm not okay with 30 minutes unaccounted for.

>> reporter: the report says they were in a safe zone when they descended into a valley. when crews couldn't out run fires they deployed emergency shelters. no one knows why the men headed into the valley .

>> we don't know that information. we don't have it. that's the decision making process of the 19 men.

>> reporter: when the hotshots were surrounded by flames, a dc-10 full of fire retardant was over head. but they never received the crews' location.

>> they did everything they could. and they stayed together and they loved each other.

>> reporter: the report places no blame. 19 families never got to say good-bye and now they may never have answers. nbc