Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

Exclusive photos show depth of devastation in Kenyan mall attack

A mother and young children played dead during the terrorist attack at a Kenyan mall. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>> overseas a week after terrorists gunned down and tortured dozens of people inside a popular mall in kenya, nbc news has obtained photos that show what the scene looked like after the attack. in the meantime, investigators have taken a ninth suspect into custody. here is the latest.

>> reporter: these inclusive pictures reveal the utter devastation inside the westgate mall . four floors of upscale malls in american. it was crowded with families enjoying a typical saturday afternoon. after four days of warfare between ten to 15 militants and hundreds of kenyan forces. that's what's left of the food court . the grocery store is where sources say the most intense fighting took place. today kenyan leader stone walled a government report that said there had been recent warnings about a possible attack at the westgate mall .

>> [ inaudible ].

>> reporter: also today, a mystery solved. who is the mother seen in this video protecting her children? all of them playing dead until the help arrived?

>> the bullet casings dropping near on the floor. you could smell the gun powder.

>> reporter: she is now safely home with her son and daughter and husband. she spent 4 1/2 hours on the floor keeping her young children quiet.

>> it was absolutely no way to move. now i was praying, god, please protect us and provide a way out for us.

>> reporter: they hope to find out who the officer is and thank him for saving the