Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

Iranians split on building new relationship with U.S.

Some Iranians are eager to have the nation forge a better bond with the West, but detractors say Iranian President Rouhani is selling out. NBC’s Ali Arouzi reports.

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>>> iran's president on friday, many viewed it as a sign of progress. but do the iranians welcome a warming with the west?

>> reporter: he was greeted at the airport by hundreds of supporters pleased at the possibility of a recess in relations with the west. while dozens of people accused him of selling out by talking to president obama . hard lined newspapers wrote, death to america . and criticized him for giing too much and getting nothing back. the west wants him to solve the nuclear dispute. but at home, people expect him to fix the economy. i've been walking around the streets of teheran gauging the mood among the people about how they feel about better relationships to the united states and everybody, without question, favors better relationships. they want iran to come in from the cold.

>> i think the time to change that attitude and go towards, you know, peace and friendship.

>> lots of people want to go to america but they're not able to because of the situation.

>> reporter: this lady is a single mother struggling to support herself and 16-year-old daughter. she told me the last few years everything has become so expensive. she worries about her daughter's future. she wants to stud law or medicine, especially in america. she said, i am pleased he spoke with obama. we should have peace with other countries.

>>> the real test will come in mid-october when they meet to try to hammer out a deal on the disputed nuclear issues.

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