Nightly News   |  September 29, 2013

Watch the daredevil stunt you have to see to believe

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the “flying dagger.” See how one man along with a special wing suit navigated the narrow mountain corridors.  NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>>> finally tonight it's a kind of stunt you know you should be watching with your eyes closed but you can't help yourself. it was all about jeb in a wing suit diving 6,000 feet into the history books this weekend in china.

>> this was his target aiming to fly through the narrow crevice on the right.

>> i'm definitely scared.

>> reporter: he calls this his most challenging yet. but early saturday it looked like it wouldn't happen.

>> the wind is way too strong right now. this landing area is pretty much off limits.

>> reporter: but the in valley below , thousands of villagers were gathering to witness the stunt. there was growing anxiety in the camp.

>> you can see the mist is touching the top and the ceiling is too low.

>> reporter: they prepared to scrap the jump.

>> we wouldn't even jump any way.

>> and late afternoon the weather broke. the clouds have cleared and wind speeds have dropped. but there's real concern about the turbulent air inside that crack. his chopper circled the mountain lining up for the precise ankle to jump. then he was flying. diving down at 100 miles an hour and into the crack between the rocks. there were gasps around the valley as he emerged unscathed pulling his chute for a hard but safe landing. when we caught up with him, he was happy.

>> it was the single gnarliest thing that i've done without a doubt. i have never experienced anything more hard core period. i was 100% sure that that was not happening.

>> reporter: but he conquered the mountain mountain and achieved what had seemed impossible. nbc news, china.