Nightly News   |  October 01, 2013

World community incredulous at US ‘power failure’

International reaction to the US government shutdown has been quick and far-reaching, as speculation ensues about what this means for America’s economy. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>> whole world is watching, many are wondering what is going on. one headline called it "america's power failure ," here is how great britain opened their channel 4 .

>> america's government closed for business, will the economy follow?

>> washington is an angry, bitter and divided tone tonight. john, everybody here is blaming somebody else for causing the first government shutdown in nearly 20 years.

>> all day it has been like that. it is the top story around the world, a reminder of how closely people watch the goings on in the world's largest super power . hear now, some reactions out there.

>> just crazy, really crazy.

>> this time, they have gone over the cliff. and to my mind, it is highly irresponsible.

>> it is quite painful, actually.

>> some of the opinions and observations being expressed around our