Nightly News   |  October 01, 2013

Obamacare to impact women’s insurance

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, women paid more for insurance because being a woman was likened to a pre-existing condition. Obamacare offers women better access to birth control and other perks. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>>> and our chief medical director , dr. nancy snyderman , has been answering questions, she is here tonight, and i want to talk to you, nancy. this one is from mariar, what will it cover for women?

>> extraordinarily important question for women. as the exchanges open today, it will have a major impact on women. before the affordable care act , women paid higher health care premiums than men, because frankly, being a woman was considered a pre-existing condition. that is now illegal. as of january 1st , 2014 , some tests like mammograms will be more accessible. you will also have access to birth control now available without a co-pay, insurance or deductibles. now, i know there are a lot of numbers to crunch as tom costello just said. if you need to know what you can afford, we have a calculator for you,