Nightly News   |  October 01, 2013

Colorado landslide victims were from same family

A landslide that killed five hikers, burying them under giant boulders, ended in a grim recovery effort Tuesday. The one survivor, 13, was hospitalized with a broken leg. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> tonight, authorities in colorado have recovered the bodies of five members of the same family who were killed in a huge rock slide while they were out on a hike. only a 13-year-old girl survived after her father sacrificed his life to save hers, and tonight, as her hometown struggled with this, more rock slides could be triggered by rain. we have more on our report from gabe gutierrez.

>> reporter: the low area, a grim recovery after it ended today, after a landslide swallowed five hikers, their bodies were trapped in a cascade of boulders, some bigger than cars, adam ross saw the situation and called the authorities. the lone survivor, 13-year-old grace johnson, who the authorities took to the hospital, where she had a broken leg deputies saying that her father threw himself in harm's way to save his daughter.

>> he is a real hero.

>> reporter: the father, dwayne johnson , a high school football coach, his wife coached track, family members also were visiting from missouri.

>> those two boys just loved this area.

>> reporter: monday morning, the group was hiking about 100 miles southwest of denver in a popular trail in the san isabel forest. the experts say there are about 5,000 rock slides in colorado , but experts warn the heavy rains could mean more rock slides.

>> there are unstable rocks, and they could fall for days and we weeks and possibly months.

>> reporter: for now, outside the high school , they gather in grief.

>> we may never get over this, they were so much a part of every single thing we ever did.

>> reporter: a community resolves always to remember the day the mountain moved. gabe gutierrez, colorado .