Nightly News   |  October 01, 2013

‘Vatican 8’ to upend Catholic Church bureaucracy

Pope Francis is focused on changing the Catholic Church’s often secretive and autocratic bureaucracy, while eliminating the institution’s “Vatican-centric” point of view. NBC’s Chris Jansing reports.

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>>> it seems like several nights here lately we have reported this new pope has done something entirely new and today he has done it again. this has to do with the first-ever vatican disclosure, and a highly unusual surprisingly honest interview with a reporter. we get the story today from nbc's chris jansing .

>> reporter: from the big, enthusiastic crowds he draws to the little used car he drives, francis has a new style. in an interview with a newspaper reporter , he made clear the vatican is in for a shake-up and he does not want to be treated like royalty. heads of the churches have often been narcissists, flattered by their courtiers.

>> i think the pope showed up, he did what? just like we are.

>> reporter: for the first time ever, he opened the books on the very private vatican banks, real -- revealing the numbers of $18 million, the job? to change the often secretive church bureaucracy, they are ramping to change, which means fewer orders for rome. in a blatant interview, he told the newspaper this vatican -centered view is not one i share, and i will do everything to change it. at 76, he is in a hurry.

>> he knows what needs to be done, he is not going to let anyone stop him.

>> reporter: he own told vatican police to crack down on gossip, the old making way for the new, chris jansing , new