Nightly News   |  October 02, 2013

Families pay the price for Washington gridlock

Anger and frustration mounts as the government shutdown continues. With federal employees on furlough and government programs on hold, the impact is spreading across America. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> the ripple of this, the impact being felt across the country by millions of americans in all walks of life. nbc's john yang with a few of many examples tonight.

>> i think it's ridiculous.

>> reporter: callers to wcco's chad hartman show in minneapolis didn't hold back.

>> who are you most upset with?

>> i definitely blame the republicans.

>> i blame this completely on the democrats.

>> i am so ticked off at the tea party .

>> reporter: on day two of the government shutdown , anger around the country rises as the impact spreads. at the national institutes of health outside washington, nearly three-quarters of the staff is on furlough. that means turning away about 200 patients a week for last resort medical treatment including 30 children, most of them cancer patients. the pain is being felt by more than just those who depend on government programs and federal employees. it is also affecting government contractors. josh and laura hail have five girls and zero pe pay. both are on furlough from wright patterson air force base .

>> just because our paychecks stop doesn't mean bills stop.

>> reporter: they are trying to recover from losing six days' pay each because of the sequester even if we are reimbursed for time off, it's too late. you know, we need money now.

>> something like 7 month old harper's $300 emergency room visit this weekend for an ear infection could be a financial disaster, a hard reality i they'd like congress to understand.

>> reporter: i shouldn't pay the price because you can't agree.

>> frustration growing in families paying the price for gridlock in washington. john yang , nbc news chicago.

>> reporter: