Nightly News   |  October 03, 2013

Politics ‘back to normal’ after DC high-speed chase

Washington, D.C., is back to politics-as-usual with Congress making little progress in resolving the government shutdown. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> as we said, this happened on day three of this federal government shutdown. when this day started there seemed to be no end of it in sight. our chief white house correspondent political director chuck todd is with us from the north lawn at the white house . chuck, not being flip here, but does an incident like this change anything in washington? we just saw the house agree at least on a standing ovation uh for the capitol police .

>> reporter: brian, i wish i could tell you the answer is yes. after the sustained applause. after the moment of silence, within an hour, the house went back to doing what it's been doing. republicans versus democrats on how to fund the government. the house republicans have been doing little bills and they pass the bills, send them to the senate. brian, i'm holding my -- my in-box is filling up again. we are unfortunately back to the political normal. if there is one bit of good news it is that the tone has changed. all of these press re elises that are criticizing the other for the gamesmanship going on is doing so in a more polite way than the press re-elises before the crisisment beyond that it doesn't seem as if politics has already come back to normal as far as capitol hill i is concerned.

>> what passes for diplomacy after a more event ful than usual day these days in washington, d.c. chuck todd from the white house , thanks.