Nightly News   |  October 03, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen brews near Gulf Coast

Hurricane hunters are looking at Karen, a tropical storm with  strong thunderstorms and 65 mph winds that’s headed toward the Gulf Coast. It could reach hurricane strength and hurricane conditions are possible this weekend. Meanwhile, over in Wyoming, a big winter storm is dumping snow on the region. Weather Channel meteorologist Bryan Norcross reports.

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>>> it has been a remarkably quiet, some say historically quiet , hurricane season that is starting to change somewhat, effective right now. along the gulf coast they are bracing from a hit from tropical storm karen . tonight fema is re calling some of their furloughed employees in the middle of the government stoppage to prepare for this. meanwhile out west it's starting to look a lot like an early winter . meteorologist brian norcross tracking both storms tonight from weather channel headquarters. none of us who were hit by sandy is complaining but last night i was reading an article wondering what happened to this year's hurricane season .

>> that's a really good question, brian . we don't know for sure. there doesn't seem to be a magic bullet to answer the question. a lot of research will be required to understand that completely and see if it is a change back to maybe fewer storms. we don't know. right now hurricane hunters are out looking at karen. it's ugly looking. we have a core right in there of strong thunderstorms and 65 miles an hour winds.ed to the north up toward the gulf coast . could get to hurricane strength. that's why hurricane watches are in effect for the gulf coast . starting the weekend but can't guarantee it won't still be a hurricane when it gets up there somewhere on the gulf coast , likely on saturday. then it dies out over the southeast as a big rainstorm. here is the deal. in the center of the gulf coast here from louisiana on over to the florida panhandle , hurricane watches, hurricane conditions possible this weekend in that area. in louisiana, we have down in grand isle a voluntary evacuation. and tropical storm warnings , meaning tropical storm conditions there are likely for the new orleans area. just the possibility of tropical storm conditions right now. we also have this mega winter storm going on out there in wyoming where we could get a foot and a half of snow. and two feet around rapid city , the snow is already coming down out there. then to the east of that, severe weather possible up here to the south of minneapolis in iowa, maybe even tornadoes. back to you, brian .

>> all right. weather channel headquarters with a look at all