Nightly News   |  October 05, 2013

Boy has 'sole' reason for helping the needy

Congress may not be getting much done, but this kid is. See how one boy found a need in his community and filled it. All it took was a little bit of "sole."

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>>> finally tonight, while congress may not be getting much done these days, some remarkable young people are, with a passion for change and some real results. they call themselves peacemakers. one of of them nicholas lowinger had an idea, got to have soul. today he explains what it's all about in his own words.

>> got to have soul is a nonprofit organization i started three years ago to donate brand new footwear to kids. i've donated new foot wear to 10,000 kids. it's not easy to balance my life, but it's worth it for me because i'm so passionate about almost everything i do. i'm passionate about school, tennis, playing the bass, being with friends and running a nonprofit. this is the warehouse for got to have sole, it's my garage. all these boxes here are donations. initially for an order, i contact a shelter and connect with them. they will send me a list, and i pick out each shoe individually for each child. volunteers help collect shoes and their workplace or religious organization , at a school, some of them also write messages of hope so that the children know that someone out there either in their community or in another community cares about them. and it shows that people, whether they know each other or not, are able to connect just from one simple act. i bring the footwear to the shelter to donate in person. to see the parents' reactions and the kids' reactions to the new shoes, it's great. some of the kids run around in their shoes all around the shelter. some start dancing. some just look at their shoes in disbelief that they just got a new pair of shoes. i think my favorite part about got to have sole really has to do with the fact that i'm making a difference. i'm able to better people 's lives and make the world a more peaceful place. thank you. i'm nicholaslowinger, i'm 15 years old and i'm a peacemaker.