Nightly News   |  October 06, 2013

US raids in Africa net mixed results

Navy SEALS encountered heavy resistance in Somalia and were unable to capture their target. But in Libya, the U.S. was able to capture Anas al Libi. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>>> military operation in libya . tonight u.s. officials say they have in custody the man alleged to have been behind the deadly 1998 bombings of two american embassies in africa. yesterday's second strike strike was in somalia where navy seals exchanged gunfire as they hunt the leader of the group behind the shopping mall attack in kenya. we have the latest details and analysis. we start at the pentagon tonight.

>> evening. these were two totally separate kouptsder terrorism missions by u.s. special operations forces of the while all americans returned safely, the missions themselves ended with mixed results. tripoli has never been considered an al qaeda safe hafb but it's where u.s. special operation forces captured one of mesh's most wanted terrorists. he was one of owe psapsalm ma bin law din's most confidented. the twin bombs killed 223, including 12 americans . he was returning home for morning prayers in tripoli . eyewitness accounts say without warning u.s. coman does roared up in three vikz and storms his car and smashed out the windows. he reached for a weapon but was quickly overpowered. he was loaded into one of vehicles which sped from the scene. secretary of state john kerry says his capture should serve as a warning to all terrorists.

>> and those numbers of al qaeda and other terrorists organizations literally can run but they can't hide.

>> only hours earlier and 3,000 miles away the u.s. navy seals stormed the beach in somalia . their sights set on the leader of the al shabaab islamist militants. they encountered heavy resistance. after an intensifier fight, they withdrew. they claim they killed two of their fighters, but they're leader godane had escaped unharmed. he claimed responsibility for the attack on the mall in kenya.

>> shabaab doesn't have the capability to attack the united states right now. but the great fear that americans now in somalia working with him will ultimately come back to the united states and pose a significant threat.

>> as for anas al libi, he'll now face intense interrogation probably somewhere outside the united states and without being red his miranda rights . the goal is to gather as much information about al qaeda activities body inside and outside of libya . it could be some time before he ever appears in a u.s. courtroom on those charges.

>> thanks.

>>> i want to turn now to nbc news analyst and former director of the national counter terrorism center. to the extent that he felt comfortable enough for the streets of tripoli to be out and about, what does that say about post revolution libya and its potential for harboring terrorists?

>> i think this is a very public ill tradition of what has concerned u.s. counter terror officials for a long time. he really kept the lid on al qaeda and extremist groups . and with that fall and as illustrated by his presence, it's quite clear that al qaeda and other extremists groups have a much freer reign in that area.