Nightly News   |  October 06, 2013

Flash flooding cripples parts of Louisville, Ky.

Flooding closed at least 45 roads. Authorities say more than 80 people were rescued or evacuated thanks to seven-inches of rainfall that fell in 36 hours. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> severe weather hit this weekend in a large part of the country including heavy rains that led to a flooding emergency in kentucky where dozens of people had to be rescued.

>> reporter: louisville firefighters worked into the early morning rescuing residents trapped by rising flood waters. it came fast and without warning.

>> we had people that are trapped in these apartments with water on first floor apartments.

>> reporter: officials report more than 80 residents rescued and evacuated.

>> they banged on my door and i woke up and stepped into a foot of water.

>> reporter: the flash flooding forced at least 45 roads closed.

>> i know i could have got out of there. we trapped.

>> reporter: twice the old record that was set 103 years ago.

>> my place is flooded.

>> reporter: forecasters say no rain predicted tonight. a welcome break .

>> that flooding a result of the same storm system that spawned 12 tornadoes this weekend in the midwest. the national weather service noun says this one in wayne, nebraska, was an ef-4, winds of about 170 miles per hour. almost a mile and a half wide.

>>> to the south, what was tropical storm karen has now weakened into a tropical depression into the gulf of mexico . parts of southeast could still get one to three inches of rain.