Nightly News   |  October 06, 2013

What it takes to get students ready for tomorrow’s jobs

Three hundred of the nation’s best teachers gathered to discuss how the U.S. can best prepare its students educationally. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>>> it was education day here at nbc news. this years theme, what it takes to development successful students who are ready for college and beyond. for more, joined by our chief education correspondent.

>> what teachers hope to do is get students ready for their careers. we've got jobs open in the united states right now that businesses can't fill because there's a shortage of educated workers. so we gathered 300 of the brightest teachers in the country to talk about what it takes to get students ready to fill jobs now and into the future. there was a lot of discussion about how educators are preparing to implement a higher learning of education in the classroom. but we heard many say there's no single approach to great teaching.

>> the truth of the matter is there is no playbook. there are a set of core elements that we know that effective teachers use around the country. we should be emphasizing those things.

>> we've got two more days to hear from teachers, students, policymakers on what it takes to make a student successful. all of it will be streemd live on youtube's education channel and education