Nightly News   |  October 11, 2013

Virginia town united in frustration at Washington

In Culpeper County, Va., a Republican stronghold, 25 percent of residents work for the federal government and are now out of work. Both Democrats and Republicans are feeling the effects, and suspicion toward Washington runs deep. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> this is tom costello, 75 miles from washington in culpeper , virginia. at the frost cafe on main street where burgers, fries and grits are on the menu, the talk was whether the government shutdown is to anyone's vanl.

>> how can it be an advantage to put people out of work in this chi to solve their b problems?

>> i vote ed republican my whole life. this time i don't care who's running. i'm voting for someone who didn't have the job.

>> reporter: many government workers are now out of work. much needed tourism dried up as the nearby national park is closed. an online poll conducted by the local paper says half blame the president, the other half on congress. this once solid republican state has voted for president obama twice. still, suspicion toward washington runs deep.

>> old virginia may be outvoted. if anything, that's reinforced their anti- washington sentiments. they are cheering in some places the federal government shutdown.

>> reporter: obama care is not popular here. is it appropriate to shut down the government in order to kill obama care?

>> if it comes to that, yeah.

>> reporter: what's the end goal?

>> defund obama care.

>> reporter: that's the end goal? you're okay with shutting down the government if that's what it takes?

>> yes.

>> reporter: down main street one barber is a democrat, the other a republican.

>> i blame everybody -- capitol hill to the white house .

>> reporter: has the government shutdown affected your pocketbook? are you seeing fewer customers in here?

>> yeah. this is a friday. i have never seen a friday like this.

>> reporter: who is to blame? the question is does it matter?

>> at this point it's not between republicans and democrats. this is about america .

>> reporter: main street and a divided america united in their frustration with america . culpeper is quintessential small town america . a young george washington did the original town survey. this town was caught in the crossroads of the civil war . passions and patriotism run deep here. brian?

>> tom costello in culpeper and andrea mitchell before that.