Nightly News   |  October 14, 2013

Citizens turn up kindness in shutdown’s wake

Many Americans are stepping up to help people hurt by the government shutdown. NBC's Mark Potter talk to the Good Samaritans.

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>>> finally tonight, over the last two weeks we have seen just about the worse in partisan politics but the government shutdown has allowed us to see some of the best in each other. americans have shown the opposite of washington's pettiness by stepping in to fill the needs our government no longer can. here's nbc 's mark potter .

>> reporter: in head start school near atlanta, closed by the government shutdown , the doors are open again, thanks to a $10 million gift to head start from houston billionaires john and laura arnold.

>> it was such a relief. an answer to our prayers really.

>> reporter: in arizona, the closure of the grand canyon national park left 2200 workers furloughed. fearing food shortages, a local church made a plea for help to the saint mary 's food bank in phoenix which quickly loaded 600 food boxes and drove them north to feed the park workers.

>> a lot of them live paycheck to paycheck. we are talking minimum wage workers up there.

>> reporter: in colorado springs , colorado, this bank is giving away interest-free loans to help with furloughed workers.

>> reporter: in miami, this house straining to feed 5,000 low-income families a month is giving diapers baby formula to desperate moms losing federal subsidies.

>> mothers having to dilute the milk to stretch it, to provide milk to their kids.

>> reporter: in marion, iowa, a group of moms created a facebook page, seeking donations for parents who lost government benefits.

>> we need to pull together as a nation and fill in the gaps and get through this together.

>> reporter: she appreciates the much-needed help.

>> it's amazing these girls came up with it to give a helping hand to everyone in the community.

>> reporter: in tough times, reaching out to neighbors in need. mark potter , nbc news, miami.

>>> that's " nbc nightly news" for