Nightly News   |  October 12, 2013

Shutdown’s end may not be so close

Another day, another meeting and there’s still no resolution to the government shutdown.  NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> a while today things were moving to a resolution, but it was fool's gold. tonight congress and the white house are once again each looking for a way out of this mess before the country bumps up against the debt ceiling.

>> reporter: president obama huddled with senate democrats at the white house for more than an hour late this afternoon. still no deal. polls show a majority of americans blame republicans for the shutdown giving democrats the upper hand. still the public's patience with washington is running out with senate leaders now heading the effort to fix washington's stalemate, top democrats were called to the white house today to update president obama . majority leader harry reid expressed measured optimism about his discussions with republican mitch mcconnell .

>> the conversations were extremely cordial but preliminary of course. nothing conclusive.

>> reporter: this after a flurry of activity on capitol hill . this morning house speaker john boehner told the gop dconference the president rejected the latest offer. moderate republican susan collinss plan fell flat after democrats complained it would only re-open the government through march. too short and the partisan bickering continues.

>> the president rejected every offer we have made. i guess we are going to wait to see what the senate comes up with.

>> there is a real question as to if a small group of republicans in the house understand how high this cliff is and how close we are to it.

>> reporter: while some are re-open ing, many americans are are hurting like this kansas business owner .

>> it really is hurting small business . it's costing us an enormous amount of money.

>> reporter: economists warn it could get worse if they fail the to extend the debt ceiling which expires thursday. if that happens, the nation will default on its loans.

>> it will be hairy next week if we don't have a deal over the weekend or a sense that a deal is coming quickly. markets are very fickle things.

>> reporter: democrats in the white house say any deal has to increase the debt limit and re-open the government, but republicans say they want some concessions