Nightly News   |  October 13, 2013

Tensions in Syria rise again

Gunmen abducted six Red Cross volunteers and twin bomb blasts rocked Damascus.  NBC’s Atia Abawi reports.

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>>> overseas, late developments from syria tonight. the red cross announced six of its workers and a volunteer have been kidnapped at gun point. twin bomb blasts rocked the city of damascus. we are following the developments from neighboring beirut.

>> reporter: a team of the international red cross in to deliver medical supplies and inspect facilities were abducted by rebel forces by a group possibly linked to allocate tachlt the icrc says six volunteers an one other have been taken. they are trying to negotiate their safe release. also this evening, multiple explosions rocked the capital of damascus. a double car bombing targeting a syrian state television killed at least two security guards and temporarily took the station off air. the explosions took place two miles from a hotel where chemical weapons inspectors had been staying. they are working alongside the united nations and had arrived on october 1st . the continued violence is making their job very difficult. so far they have only been able to reach three out of 20 sites connected to the weaponry.