Nightly News   |  October 13, 2013

The cost of your sweet tooth just got pricier

It’s bitter sweet news. Chocolate prices are increasing and its demand is soaring.  NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> bittersweet news for anyone who loves their chocolate or who is thinking of handing it out on halloween. the good stuff will cost you now more than ever. demand is soaring and here's the news that no chocoholic wants to hear.

>> reporter: if you are a chocolate lover, this could be a dangerous place to hang around.

>> are you normally dark or lighter chocolate person?

>> reporter: they turn out what you may consider designer chocolate like these hand-dipped truffles.

>> every one of these has a lot of love in them.

>> reporter: they were never inexpensive but now -- how much does a truffle like that cost.

>> $2.75 for one truffle.

>> reporter: what did it cost two years ago at this time?

>> two years ago about 2.25.

>> reporter: an increase of 20% and this is why. cocoa beans , chocolate 's brain ingredient are in limited supply and worldwide demand is spiking as india, china and others develop a sweet tooth .

>> how much more are you paying for the beans.

>> today versus last year, approximately 20 to 25% more than a year ago.

>> reporter: this chocolate company is the largest grinder of cocoa beans . chocolate produced here is shaped in to disks and sent to bakers.

>> the industry is concerned these prices today could be with us a long period of time and could move higher.

>> reporter: it's more than an overseas hunger. americans specifically adults, are indulging more than they used to. the culprit in this might be dark chocolate . many believing this is a healthier choice and demand is skyrocketing. it is 90% of sales here and dark chocolate uses more cocoa beans making it priceyer. we found few complainers. this customer calling it still cheaper than therapy.

>> som something is going right, i will have a piece of chocolate or if smk something is wrong i will get my myself a little piece of chocolate and make it all melt away.

>> really good.

>> reporter: bittersweet as lovers of chocolate dig deeper for a little luxury. nbc news, washington chicago.