Nightly News   |  October 13, 2013

Police look for leads in Madeleine McCann case

Six years after she went missing during a family vacation, can a new timeline and sketches uncover what happened to Madeleine McCann? NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> now to the madeleine mccann case and a possible break six years in the making. new reason to think the little girl from scotland who vanished from her bed in a portuguese resort could ultimately be found. the latest from nbc's annabelle roberts.

>> reporter: an image of 3-year-old maddie mccann hours before she disappeared is now part of a british tv broadcast airing tomorrow night that will reconstruct the final moments, six years after she vanished from this vacation apartment in portugal.

>> primarily what we sought to do if from the beginning is bringing everything back to zero, if you like. sort of taking everything back to the beginning and reanalyze and assess everything, accepting nothing.

>> reporter: after six frustrating years, the investigation has been reenergized and it's hoped this broadcast will bring new leads to explain what happened here in the room the mccanns left maddie and her brother and sister sleeping while they ate dinner at a restaurant 100 yards away.

>> reporter: police are releasing computer-generated sketches of a white man between 20 and 40 years old seen by witnesses the night madeleine went missing. they say speaking to this man is of vital importance and maybe the break they need to solve this case.

>> reporter: with the momentum, new hope for maddie's parents because missing madeleine does not get easier.

>> when it is a special occasion , when you should be the happiest and madeleine 's not there, that's when it really hits home.

>> it is family occasion when you haven't got your complete family.

>> reporter: this reconstruction broadcast is britain's equivalent of "america's most wanted" and seen in germany and the netherlands where many vacationers six years ago came from. the hope is the appeal will finally solve the mystery of what happened to madeleine . n nbc news, london.