Nightly News   |  October 16, 2013

Growing frustration as lawmakers kick the can down the road

The political drama that has played out over the past two weeks has had a corrosive effect on Americans’ perception of government, and their elected leaders. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> here in new york on wall street today, strong indications of the deal all day long sent the three major indexes up, the dow gained 205 points after the day's trading.

>>> then there is the anger across this country. disgust with congress, the president, the process and the people asking if this is any way to run a country. we asked nbc's kevin tibbles to go out there and listen to what some folks were saying today. he's in milwaukee for us tonight. kevin , good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. you know, news of a prospective deal the has been met with a collective sigh of relief across the country. but in cities like milwaukee here, the public's frustration with the nation's politicians has reached the boiling point. there is a chill in the air in milwaukee , wisconsin . summer's on the way out in this hardworking city by the lake, home to american icons like harley-davidson and brands like miller brewing . a chill on the street, too, toward the nation's capital.

>> they're just representing themselves. it ain't about us. it's about them, know what i mean ? they are the ones eating good. we're just out here.

>> it's very disappointing. i'm losing faith in our politicians. they are not acting in our best interest.

>> reporter: news from washington has been met with with relief in miami.

>> it's fabulous. it's great. it was about time. i don't know what took them so long.

>> reporter: from new jersey where voters in a special election for a senate seat are send ing a message to washington .

>> anarchy may not be a bad idea.

>> to a farmers market in los angeles .

>> reporter: it's probably another kick the can down the road.

>> number 124, please!

>> back in milwaukee they are still stopping for frozen custard at gillis's, a wisconsin favorite. what do you think is going on in washington , d.c. right now.

>> reporter: oh, you asked the wrong guy. you will never put on television what i think is going on.

>> i think it is time for our country to come together and truly compromise.

>> some say they are cynical about government, lurching from crisis to crisis.

>> reporter: they are messing with the market. the market is up because -- surprise, surprise -- they are going to fix it.

>> do you think there are any great leaders in washington today?

>> reporter: no. none that i know of.

>> you wear the flag proudly on your shoulder. are you confused?

>> reporter: yes, i am. they should be thinking about the flag and not themselves. and the people of the united states .

>> tonight, americans happy for resolution, but many are asking at what price. repairing that loss of faith in leadership may be congress's next and biggest challenge. brian?

>> reporter: kevin tibbles sampling opinion in milwaukee , wisconsin , for us tonight.